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Few brands have achieved Channellock's longevity by resting on their laurels. For over 125 years, this American-made brand has built a reputation for manufacturing dependable, high quality hand tools. So much so that Channellock has always been one of the top choices among tradesmen. So we set our sights on America's "Average Joe(s)" by introducing them to the most versatile tool in America, the Channellock 440 plier, and showed them how everyday and not so everyday situations are a perfect fit for Channellock tools.

Channellock: Earl...Zombies....

National Campaign

Can't a guy enjoy a cup of coffee and a newspaper without the dead bothering him? With the Channellock 440 plier, dealing with the rambling dead is a breeze. Unfortunately, clean-up is another story.

Channellock: The Bear

National Campaign

Two guys, enjoying a fire pit in the woods. What could possibly happen? When you have the Channellock 440 plier, absolutely nothing. Except the addition of a new bearskin rug.

Channellock: The Monster in the Closet

National Campaign

Chores around the house are easily taken care of with the help of the Channellock 440 plier. But a monster in the closet? Poor monster... It didn't stand a chance. 

Channellock: The Dress

National Campaign

Channellock's 440 plier is the perfect accessory for that never-ending honey-do list.

Channellock: Beer Break

National Campaign

A bottle-opener, too? Now that's versatility. 

Even well-known brands must continually strive to deepen their reach into numerous consumer audiences. By demonstrating how the Channellock 440 plier is excellent for everyday home use, retail consumers are introduced to a tool that tradesmen have come to depend on for well over a century.