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creating wonderful school memories


Elmer’s Glue enjoyed a brand recognition that other glue manufacturers can only dream of. When the consumer thought of glue, they thought of Elmer’s, but that didn’t stop competition from attempting to eat away at Elmer’s dominant market share.  Distribution channels were also offering up generic glue options, sold at deep discount prices. Elmer’s was a brand under attack. We needed to give consumers another, more emotional reason to pick Elmer’s at point of sale.


Reminding Parents of the connection between wonderful school memories and Elmer's glue


We’ve seen it before: Big retail allows the big brands to drive traf!c, then the store sells off to lower priced goods. No difference for Elmer’s Glue, which needed a “stake in the ground” promotion to own back to school against Ross & private labels.

We advised Elmer's not to  compete on price, but to compete on brand by giving consumers an emotional reason to pick Elmer’s at point-of-sale.

This commercial for use in a digital space did just that by tugging at the heart strings and reminding parents just how special and fleeting that 1st day can be.


The making of the official sponsor of the 1st day of school


When developing our strategy for Elmer's, SBC knew there was one proven golden rule: The First Day of School is a highly photographed and documented life stage for parents and children. We decided it was time for Elmer's to take its rightful place during this milestone moment. Elmer's was going to own the 1st day.  SBC Advertising proposed positioning Elmer’s Glue as the Official Sponsor of the First Day of School.  This allowed Elmer’s to build a comprehensive First Day campaign to ultimately drive sales. Both Wal-Mart & Target participated. 

At the center of the program was an application for parents and teachers to capture the special first moments in their kid’s/student's lives, like the 1st Day of School. Included in this campaign was the following: 
+ Android and iPhone App
+ Microsite
+ Facebook Tab
+ Custom Landing Pages

With the app in place, SBC built an integrated plan that spanned all mediums, ultimately driving users to engage the brand by downloading the app or creating a profile on the microsite. SBC Advertising knew a strong, emotional bond existed for most consumers and Elmer’s glue. A bond of childhood crafts and experiences, including those made during their earlier school years. Reminding consumers of these fond memories was key and aided greatly to the success of this campaign. 

Elmer's Glue has always been a consistent element in the educational journey for families and their children. Reminding consumers of that connection and stirring up their own special memories of school was at the heart of this campaign. Memories of new notebooks filled with crisp white sheets of paper, covering books with brown paper bag covers  and pencil boxes with new pencils, erasers and the unmistakable squeeze bottle of Elmer's Glue tied the consumer's past and present together in a bond that couldn't be broken.