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CollegeAdvantage 529

If you think young children lead rich fantasy lives, you should spend time with their parents.They rationalize avoiding the issue by envisioning futures filled with athletic scholarships, geniuses and generous grants.

Our solution was to make saving for college as easy as not saving for college, by leveraging the plan’s $25 minimum deposit into the $25 College Savings Plan.

Rapidly Building Awareness

Rapidly Building Awareness

Launch Print

With a 12/31 deadline each year for the state tax deduction, we jump-started awareness with a multimedia approach that also helps generate earned media.

Putting The Future On Fast Forward


529 Accounts aren't even on the adult radar until you become a parent. Breaking through the fantasy-think and raising awareness are critical.
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Radio Spot

We're big on what works. Based on account opening response rates, we found radio to be a powerful account-generating medium.
The Right Message For The Right Parent

The Right Message For The Right Parent

Email And Direct Mail Campaign

We customized this direct mail campaign to age-specific targets, addressing segment-specific roadblocks and myth debunking.
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Microsite and Banners

Rich media banners drove traffic to a campaign-specific landing page, which expanded on the outreach messaging, encouraged redemption of channel-specific promotional codes and moved visitors directly to account opening.
Reaching Parents When They're Focused On Their Kids

Reaching Parents When They're Focused On Their Kids


Wherever you find large gatherings of parents – say, the State Fair – you’ll find CollegeAdvantage.

Bringing the benefits of the CollegeAdvantage 529 savings plan front and center is exactly what we did with this creative booth design featured at the Ohio State Fair.

At the heart of everything we do is actionable consumer insight. For CollegeAdvantage, it led to brand clarity, a unified communication plan, and record account and revenue growth.