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Glue is Glue. Right?


Does it really matter what glue you get your kids to go back to school? To answer that, we didn’t ask moms. We asked kids. The unscripted answers were clear, simple, and remarkably compelling: in the hands of a child, the glue matters.


School Glue

It's got to be one of America's most known and loved products. Our goal is to prevent in roads from price competitors.

Beautiful Monster

Glue Sticks

As classrooms migrate to glue sticks, the choice of Elmer's isn't automatic. This shows that kids prefer Elmer's across the board.

Give It A 10

Xtreme Glue Stick Launch

Hands-on creativity doesn’t end in the third grade. But the projects get bigger and more demanding. This spot launched a stronger glue stick specifically for older kids.

Elmer’s is a brand that’s always been a part of going back to school. But connecting to the next generation isn’t automatic. This campaign demonstrates how insight translates into brand engagement and POS growth.