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Converting Shoppers Into Believers

Big Lots

We spent many a weekend hanging out with first time Big Lots shoppers. And there was something we saw over and over again – a deal that just seemed to bring the whole idea of closeouts into focus. We called it the “closeout moment,” a powerful, emotional connection that converted an average shopper into a closeout shopper. We built a long-running campaign around these Converts, recreating their closeout moments, featuring the penny-pinching comedic actor Jerry Van Dyke.

Shopping Gene


This little-known condition is surprisingly common. Fortunately, there’s help.

Carpe Deal’m


And all this time you thought those Romans were responsible for this catchphrase.



Couples therapy is just one of the many great reasons to hit Big Lots.



Guys have shopping feelings too.
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Big Lots is filled with amazing stories. Part of our approach was to find relevant targets and connect them, like this series aimed at converting the first apartment crowd.
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We re-imagined to become far more relevant to the needs of closeout shoppers. Over time, we helped build a multi-million member database in the BuzzClub loyalty program, implementing every aspect of the system in close collaboration with our client partners.

This wasn’t just about running a campaign, it was part of a long-term strategy to build closeout shopping into a new category, which we could dominate. Brand awareness spiked. Comps grew. We won a Gold EFFIE.