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A brand on the brink

Value City Furniture

Since 1948, Value City Furniture has helped furnish America’s homes with quality furniture at the guaranteed lowest prices. However, with the downturn in the economy and a marketplace flooded with discount furniture options, America’s favorite discount furniture brand was losing market share.

Additionally, Value City Furniture had aspirations to move beyond the first choice in disposable, particle board furniture. It wanted to stake its' claim in the marketplace along with Ashely Furniture and Kittle's Furniture. Not an easy task when the consumer had the preconceived opinion of the quality and style VCF offered. It wasn't a positive opinion.  

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It's All About The Brand

Brand Guide

Pivotal with any organization is the requirement of having clear and concise brand standards, especially when you're a furniture retailer. When SBC Advertising aided in the rebranding of Value City Furniture and the development of several furniture brands as part of the VCF collection, SBC provided the tools necessary for VCF to remain true to their brands and  brand message. 
A Family of Brands

A Family of Brands

Creating Product-Line Brands

In addition to VCF revamping its product offering, SBC Advertising guided VCF through the process of developing brands that would be associated with new lines of furniture. We banished the terms cheap and disposable and created a set of brands with meaning and personality. These were brands that  emphasized style and luxury that was within reach. The end result was the creation of VCF's house of brands that was as dynamic as the furniture now being offered by Value City Furniture.
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An Introduction to the New Value City Furniture

The First Look Books

So how do you get the word out about the new Value City Furniture? With a combination of dynamic photography, creative execution and a insightful narrative, the First Look books not only demonstrated how amazing the new Value City is, but also educated the consumer on how to decorate fantastically within a budget. 
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Entice, Not Price

2014 Fall Space Magazine

More often than not, price is the focal point of all consumer marketing materials. The problem with this tactic is that the consumer fixates on the cost and rules out a furniture purchase before they have the chance to consider a new couch or dining room table. 

So why not inspire and entice? Educate the consumer on the possibilities of style within reach, thereby driving traffic to VCF's online presence and VCF's brick and mortar stores.

You're not going to believe the new Value City Furniture- Amber


TV Spots reintroduced consumers to the Value City Furniture Brand and a level of product that they never would believe could be associated with VCF. Style within reach could now be associated with a discount furniture company. 

In this first installment, Style Expert Amber introduces the new line of Value City Furniture with an emphasis on affordability.

Furniture is Fashion- Marietta


Focusing on style, this second installment touts furniture is fashion. Style expert Marietta shows the bold, stylish and colorful side of the new Value City Furniture.
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Keeping the vcf brand front and center

In-Store Signage

In-Store signage is one of the best ways to continue the consumer journey with a solid reinforcement of brand messaging. For Value City Furniture, it was all about style, value and quality. 
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A Complete Digital Presence

Website and Microsite

With the VCF website, SBC Advertising had specific areas of focus: Introduce consumers to the new Value City Furniture, introduce the brands and showcase how each furniture line offers its very own sense of style and design, and create that design inspiration and purchasing spark in the consumer's mind about the endless and stylish possibilities VCF offered. 

Additionally, a microsite was created specifically for VCF's sleep offering. The microsite took the consumer on all of the many considerations that goes with the purchase of a mattress and boxsprings: Stay cool, maximum support or sink into a cocoon, pillow-top or memory foam... etc.

Leading the consumer through each of the decision triggers, both websites connected directly to the easy financing options offered by VCF, just about taking away every reason not to make a VCF furniture purchase.
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  • VCF Brand guide
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Creating a digital touch base

Banner ads

It's all about an omni-channel plan of attack. Reach the consumer, wherever they are. Digital banner ads are the perfect way to achieve this, particularly after a consumer drops into the VCF website to check out what the new Value City Furniture is all about. That single moment of connection turns into numerous opportunities to entice the consumer back to considering a VCF furniture purchase. It brings that rug or end table purchase in the back of the consumer's mind to the forefront.
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Reaching Consumers Through Their Inbox

Email Campaign

Founded in 1948 by the  Schottenstein family, Value City Furniture needed to shake things up, and turn around overall sales numbers that were in the red. With the help of SBC Advertising, VCF experienced a massive surge in sales, giving them something they hadn't experienced in a long time: Quarterly sales numbers that were in the black. Clearly the rebirth of this brand was embraced by consumers.