5 Ways to Drive Foot Traffic with Social Media


­Does Online Content Inspire IRL Action?

It’s a question we hear all the time – social is great for getting to know our audience, but can it really translate into dollars spent in stores? We say yes – if you’re smart about the tools you use.

Anybody can Google around and find dozens of tactics that are designed to accomplish this. Quite frankly, there’s no shortage of people who can tell you THE BEST WAY to execute social media, but here’s why your next 100 seconds of reading is different.

At SBC, we don’t care about what’s designed to work according to the internet. Instead, we are obsessed with testing and testing again and then testing again.

 We use our experiences and results to show us what does and doesn’t work in real life. So, what have we learned? Here are five ways that have PROVEN to us that they can drive foot traffic.


Don’t Cast Such A Wide Net

  • When attempting to attract nearby consumers (AKA walk-ins), publishers often target based around city or state, but even when using a minimal radius, advertising dollars are being wasted on users too far away to stop on impulse. Instead, use extended location targeting to get quick messages to relevant users in and around the area.


Where They’ve Been + Where They’re Going

  • The primary data point Facebook receives when users install their mobile apps is where you are every second of the day. Information on the bands you see, tourist spots you enjoy and even individual stores you walk into is available to publishers when building an audience.


  • Building audiences with location data differs from extended location targeting, as you’re not only using real-time activity but prior location history as well.


Get Here > Get Deals

  • When you push exclusive in-store promotions using Facebook’s targeting capabilities, you can get the right promotion to the right users. This is especially true when you target geographically and make it clear the deal is only valid in-store. So simple, right?  Yep – and giving them a reason to come in has remained one of the most consistent traffic-drivers across industries for a reason. 


Two Words: Tweet Deck

  • Running low on media dollars but still want to make an impact? Tweet Deck is a free tool that allows you to isolate and engage in conversation relevant to your brand’s objectives. Not only can it narrow conversation around hashtags and keywords (Boolean style), but it can also isolate conversation based on location, something rarely available with free tools. When executed correctly, this free tool can generate brand conversation and help you drive traffic to specific locations.


Demos & Events

  • Demonstrations on social media can let brands showcase their expertise with their products, services and/or industry. Follow up your demo content with an in-store event (even better, with an offer) to further attract customers to visit.


  • Optimize Facebook ads for Event Responses – another proven way to drive in-person visits. Kind of like being tagged on Facebook, users get a notification when they’re invited to an event. Once they reply, their RSVP shows up in their friends’ newsfeeds – the cycle repeats and results in an organic snowball of responses and interest.


Riyad Bennoui

Digital Marketing Strategist

Katie Reese