Brand Engagement: Instagram Story Edition


We all know there are two kinds of Instagram users: the ones who must watch every single Instagram Story in their feed and the ones who couldn’t care less. Regardless of which category you fall into, Instagram Stories are advancing and attracting more users every day.

Since their launch in November 2016, Stories have gone from being a weird extension that no one used to an essential part of the app for 300 million users every day.

What’s more impressive is that, since Instagram has 600 million active users (and counting!), about HALF of them are sharing pieces of their lives via Stories on the app every day. There are even more users engaging with Stories who are flying under the radar – like your friends who watch all of your Insta Stories but refuse to ever post one of their own.

Since Instagram Stories’ official rollout, time spent on the app has been on the rise. Young Millennials and Gen Z users (age 25 and below) have started spending more than 30 minutes on the platform EVERY DAY. Older users are also getting sucked in, spending about 24 minutes on the app daily.

With both time and engagement up, brands have never had a bigger reason to become Instagram-obsessed. With a few taps, they can connect with both followers and non-followers in real time and offer an easy way to engage with unique content.

So why should YOUR brand care?

Well, since mobile devices drive Stories, they can be created and posted anytime and anywhere, with just a couple taps – it’s easy. Plus, fun features like GIFs, stickers, location tagging, drawings and text overlay mean the sky’s the limit in terms of content creation. Be as elaborate and extra as your heart desires without the need for someone else to create your content.

It’s also an impactful way for brands to engage with their loyal followers. Post their UGC on a Story…after all, who doesn’t want to be #InstaFamous? What’s perhaps even better than the ease of posting a Story is the variety of content that can you can post.

Brands can engage in new and exciting ways, like…


  • Who doesn’t love free stuff? Brands can use Stories as a platform to give away product both large and small. It’ll allow them to engage with their followers who like every single post, and will encourage any fair-weather followers to look out for the next giveaway.

Answering Questions

  • Host a Q&A on a new product launch or give followers the opportunity to participate in an AMA forum – Stories are a natural way for followers to interact in real time. It also allows brands the flexibility to select questions that will be most relevant to their followers.

Sharing Big News

  • Did your brand just get featured in a huge publication? Launching something new that will change the lives of your followers forever? Share it on your Instagram Story! Since they only last 24 hours, it allows brands to #HumbleBrag without devoting a whole post to the news.

Instagram Takeovers

  • Give followers a peek behind the curtain by having a staff member take over your brand’s account to show a day in their life. Great for providing behind-the-scenes access to a big event (i.e., NY Fashion Week) that gives followers insight into your company culture and makes them feel

Show Off Your Product

  • Whether it’s a subscription box or a workout outfit, customers want to see your product IRL. Giving them the opportunity to see what clothes look like on a real person going about their day can encourage them to pull the trigger and buy the outfit. Dedicate a Story to the unboxing of the month’s subscription and you’ll not only get customers excited about their delivery but also provide them instructions and inspiration for use.

Shoppable Content

  • Do you have a new MUST-SEE product? Posting pictures or video in a Story with the option to swipe up to purchase will build excitement and drive customers to your site, where they might be tempted to purchase more.

All of these Instagram Stories tactics have something in common:
They each provide daily engagement that brands need to stay relevant in these digitally obsessed times.


Annmarie Smerdel

Account Coordinator

Kayla Davis