Value City Furniture.


Since 1948, Value City Furniture has helped outfit America’s homes with quality furniture at the guaranteed lowest prices. But with the downturn in the economy and a marketplace flooded with discount furniture options, America’s favorite discount furniture brand was losing market share quickly.


Although they were taking actions to shake their reputation for being a disposable, particle board furniture company, they were having trouble staking a claim alongside more established competitors.

Consumers’ preconceived opinions on VCF's lack of quality and style presented a major test right out of the gate in terms of how to present an elevated, cohesive brand evolution yet leave some room for promotional periods throughout the year.


Rising to the challenge, we got to work to breathe new life into the brand. We guided VCF through the process of developing a renewed line of stylistic, luxury brands well within reach of the everyday consumer.

The world was re-introduced to the VCF brand with a “First Look” book, combining dynamic photography, creative execution and insightful narrative. This was followed  with a TV campaign that put industry style experts front and center. They introduced consumers to products they would never believe could be associated with VCF. A double-edged digital campaign continued to engage consumers online, using digital banners and email to keep consumers engaged after their first site visit.



VCF experienced a massive surge in sales, driving quarterly sales figures into the black for the first time in more than two years.